Built to maximize conversion.

Modern, performant, and accessible. Crafted to help you succeed.

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Conversion-focused search

Our app-like search was built to maximize conversion. Display instant predictive results for products, collections, and blog content.

Powerful promotion tools

Draw customers' attention to what matters. Emphasize your priorities by featuring offers and promotions where they won't be missed.

Navigation for all sizes

Drive sales by showcasing products, collections, and banners with our flexible menu system. Build simple or powerful mega-menus with ease!


What kind of merchant is this theme built for?

We hope the Align theme can be a great starter theme for newbies or hackers alike: a new go-to “default” theme for new stores or brands. Our goal is to make Align look great out of the box — clean, refined, and conversion-focused.

We built a modern, highly-performant, and accessible theme which has been refined by our team’s deep experience building for the web. We built this very intentionally — Align is the foundation for our future efforts + investments in the space. This theme will be in active development and updated regularly with additive enhancements; our component-based approach will expand and will provide continued value to our customers.

We also want this to be a great theme for customers to learn from: we will be creating robust documentation, tutorials, examples, and tips/tricks for all sections and blocks within the theme. We will support users of all skill levels.

How does your theme help merchants engage buyers and make sales?

Align is action-oriented and conversion-focused — all sections and blocks have been approached with the goal of creating a clean user experience with minimal friction.

Our flexible section-based approach creates truly limitless layouts and funnel creation. We’ve built a simple but powerful “Multicolumn” section to enable clean column-based approaches, with additional blocks/cards/etc for all content types and marketing needs.

Align’s advanced “predictive search” empowers sitewide search to maximize conversion. Built on top of Shopify’s great new search api, we’ve re-imagined what users should expect from their “default” search.