Who are these people?

We're a small, independent studio and we aim to become one of the most trusted providers of themes and apps in the marketplace. Our partnership was founded in 2022 by a few folks with deep experience in the industry who wanted (and knew how!) to build awesome, modern digital products.

Align is our first official theme as a company, and we spent a full year building it the right way. We're building it "the right way" because we genuinely want to help you succeed.

But of course we're also always learning and finding edge cases and encountering things which need to be updated — it's a natural part of the process, and we will continue putting out regular updates to get things right.

By the way, please report all bugs and weirdness! We want to hear about them and get you looking sharp asap!

We welcome your feedback and will offer the best support possible — we are currently hard at work building out our support hub with thorough documentation, examples, tips, tutorials, etc. It'll be awesome.

So stay tuned for some stellar documentation and tutorials, and plan to see regular updates and improvements to our themes.

Thanks for your patience as we get our ducks in a row! We promise the wait will be worth it! ✌️

Align theme