Free shipping threshold settings


Entice customers to meet a minimum order value by displaying the minimum order value they should have to be qualified for free shipping. Enabling this will enable you to display these notices in product and card pages (configured separately).

This setting alone will not make the shipping free above the defined order value - this must also be configured in the shipping options section of your storefront settings or via a third-party app.

The free shipping threshold is controlled via the theme settings, under the Cart section:

IMPORTANT: this only controls the front-end output of the free shipping notices in the cart and product pages. This does not control the actual shipping logic for your customers - it needs to be configured via the Shopify shipping settings or via a third-party shipping app.

Setting information

Show free shipping information

Checkbox to enable the display of the free shipping threshold notices.


Set the minimum order value that qualifies for free shipping. The units are in your store's currency

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