Combine various content blocks - banners, videos, products, blog posts, forms, images, rich text, testimonials - to build unique multi-column layout sections and tell the story of your brand and products in a highly visual way.

Section settings

Desktop/mobile column count

Define how many columns should your content be split into in this section. Use different settings on mobile and desktop to achieve perfectly responsive layouts. Can be used in combination with the "fill remaining space" block setting to build unique layouts that require columns to have different widths.

Setting options

Range 1 - 5 on desktop

Range 1 - 4 on mobile (we recommend using a maximum of 2 on mobile to ensure readability across various devices)

Stretch content vertically

Check this checkbox, if you have content blocks that contain different amounts of content, but you would like all the columns to appear to be the same height.

Swipe on mobile

Check this checkbox, if you would like the section to turn into a slideshow on mobile devices.

Header settings

View documentation on header settings

Color settings

View documentation on color settings

Padding settings

View documentation on padding settings

Visibility settings

View documentation on visibility settings

Available blocks

View documentation on banner block

Blog post

View documentation on blog post block


View documentation on form block"


View documentation on image block


View documentation on product block

Rich Text

View documentation on rich text block


View documentation on testimonial block

Text with icon

View documentation on text with icon block


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