A flexible slideshow system comprised of various blocks. Generally used to create custom image or banner slideshows, but various block types can be mixed as needed.

Section settings

Enable slideshow navigation

Enables an arrow-based navigation interface in the section header area.

Enable slideshow pagination

Enables a dot-based pagination interface in the section header area.

Desktop column count

A range of 1-5 with a step of 1 to determine how many block columns should fit into one row on larger desktop screen sizes.

Mobile column count

A range of 1-4 with a step of 1 to determine how many block columns should fit into one row on smaller mobile screen sizes. It is recommended to set a maximum of 2 on mobile, unless your blocks have very little content.

Stack on mobile

If enabled, the slider will turn into a static grid of columns and rows on smaller mobile screens.

Stretch content vertically

If enabled, all of the blocks will stretch in their height to be as tall as the tallest element in the section. This setting is recommended if the aspect ratio of the block contents will vary to create a coherent layout.

Header settings

View documentation on header settings

Color settings

View documentation on color settings

Padding settings

View documentation on padding settings

Visibility settings

View documentation on visibility settings

Available blocks


View documentation on banner block

Blog post

View documentation on blog post block


View documentation on image block


View documentation on product block

Rich text

View documentation on rich text block


View documentation on testimonial block

Text with icon

View documentation on text-with-icon block


View documentation on video block

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