Align v1.2

This release adds refinement and additional control to the Align theme, and is the first major release which accounts for customer feedback. Along with key bug and layout fixes, we've added more nuanced settings within various sections and introduce a powerful new setting to help create more flexible navigation layouts. We're also excited to introduce the concept of using article and page content within sections (only the Accordion section for now, but more to come soon!) We've also included our first round of localization support focused on key EU markets.

This is our second update since the Align theme went live, and we'd once again like to thank our customers for your trust and patience in our work. As always, we are here to help and we welcome your feedback! Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any/all questions, comments, or concerns. Your feedback is helping build a better theme!


  • Support for the "Follow on Shop" button
  • Support for the Gift Card Recipient form
  • Support for theme editor section previews
  • Support for custom third-party and self-hosted fonts
  • Setting to "fill available space" checkbox in all Main navigation blocks to allow highly flexible layouts
  • Setting to display a full-width menu in the Main navigation
  • Setting to control the layout of the search bar in the Main navigation, including the ability to show icon-only or full-width layouts
  • Setting to display Vendor name in the product card
  • Option for article and product cards to not show an image
  • Setting to show/hide the add to cart button in the product card
  • Setting to control the button style of the contact form
  • Setting to control the "View all" button, including adding it to the mobile megamenu
  • Setting to hide or show the announcement bar
  • Settings for sitewide input styling
  • Setting for Hero sections without featured image
  • Support for custom date formats
  • Support for videos in the Accordion section
  • Support for page and article content in the Accordion section
  • French, German, Italian, Lithuanian, and Spanish theme translations 🇫🇷 🇩🇪 🇮🇹 🇱🇹 🇪🇸 (More soon!)


  • Updated organization of editable content (translatable fields)
  • Moved the "items" string in the cart to a translatable field


  • In-stock button handling when no other filters are present in search and collection pages
  • Logo maximum width issue on mobile
  • Animation issue with the sticky add to cart button
  • Megamenu issues when no maximum container width is set
  • Audited and fixed background color and gradient settings across all sections


  • The predictive search open/close logic to only show one predictive search dialog at once
  • Standardized font weights and line heights across the theme
  • Product page benefit block styling on mobile
  • Cart drawer payment buttons setting and styling
  • Article card caption content handling
  • Improved Google Material Icon loading technique for better performance
  • Full WCAG 2.1 compliance review and confirmation
  • Other minor section and block styling updates

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