Align v1.3.3

This minor release fixes priority issues which have been reported by our customers (thank you, all!) We've also included various priority style and UX refinements for various sections, blocks, and elements.

This is the third minor update to our recent Align v1.3 major release, and our ninth overall since Align went live. Please reference the changelog to learn about everything included in Align v1.3! It was a big one!


  • Bug related to the "Show quick add button" theme setting
  • Banner overlay flashing when navigating through the megamenu items


  • External links added to the announcement bar now open in a new tab automatically


  • Increased the maximum allowed size of the images added to the "Collection List" section
  • Audited empty cart elements in cart drawer and cart page
  • Various section, block, and element UX and style improvements and optimizations
  • Various mobile, tablet, and XL screen size UX and style improvements and optimizations

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