Align v1.2.1

This release fixes a bug we've encountered with mobile collection filters, adds backorder support to the product template, improves a few features in various blocks, and refines presets to better use new theme settings from the v1.2 release.

This is our first minor update to our recent v1.2 release. Please reference the changelog to learn about everything included in v1.2!

We'd once again like to thank our customers for your trust and patience in our work. As always, we are here to help and we welcome your feedback! Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any/all questions, comments, or concerns. Your feedback is helping build a better theme!


  • Display of mobile filters.
  • Display of search bar in hero section.


  • Refined preset settings for new theme settings.
  • Better translation support for predictive search block results.
  • Hide accordion if no content available, e.g. empty metafield.
  • Backorder status: Display "on backorder" for products with 0 remaining inventory, but marked to continue selling when out of stock.

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