Displays footer content with various settings for end-of-page metadata and menus.

Section settings

Show country selector

If your store is configured to be operating in multiple markets, this setting will display a selector of countries you sell to, as defined in the Shopify Markets settings.

Show language selector

If your store is configured to have multiple language translations, this setting will display a language selector of enabled languages.

Show payment icons

If your store is using a supported payment method, this setting will display the icons of your store's accepted payment methods.

Show Shopify messaging

Enables or disables the "Powered by Shopify" messaging in the footer.

Copyright text

Add a custom copyright text to the footer.

Available blocks


View documentation on button block


View documentation on logo block

Rich text

View documentation on rich text block

Social media icons

View documentation on social media icons block

All of the blocks above are added into the same first column of the footer.

Footer menu

View documentation on footer menu block

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