Use header settings to introduce the section and/or provide structure to your page.

Setting information


View documentation on icon settings


Add the caption text that appears in a small font size above the heading under the icon.


Add the heading text that appears in a format defined in the Heading type setting under the caption.

Heading type

Choose between heading 1 and 6 - the styles of respective heading type will be applied automatically. Be careful with heading 1's as there should be only one per page. Also be mindful of the heading hierarchy going down the page (for example, follow a heading 1 with a heading 2, not a heading 3) as that can impact the website's accessibility.


Add the subheading text that appears under the heading. The field allows for some basic styling, as well as adding links.

Button settings

Refer to button block for more information on button settings.

Basic usage

Generally used if the section of the template needs introduction or additional description that is displayed outside of its content container.

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